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Bashir family owned a piece of land on railway road, Gujrat worth Rs.15 million which was dedicated to build a hospital. The family also provided Rs.5 million for the construction cost and another One million Rupees for the initial cost of equipment and furniture & fixture. On January 14, 1994 the hospital opened its doors to the public.

Bashir Hospital was then a complete 40-bed hospital with six private rooms for well off patients, a fully equipped laboratory, a 24-hour pharmacy and two fully functional operation theatres suitable for almost all kind of surgical requirements. The hospital also had 24-hour emergency, outpatient, inpatient facilities, ophthalmology and coronary care unit, in addition to operation theatres for gynecological/maternity and general surgical operations.

The expansion of the hospital and its activities took place when Midland International Aid Trust (MIAT) joined hands in 2001 with DWS, initially by supporting its Cleft operations and subsequently fully furbishing the cleft unit, for which the Japanese Government helped build a single story of the building for treatment of children born with cleft lip and palate.

The collaboration with MIAT became so strong that this UK charity became its main donor and supported the development of the breast, dental, limb and cataract projects over the years. Profesor Gatrad OBE the MIAT CEO, with his medical background as a Professor started sending  UK health care professionals from various medical disciplines to train and teach.

The nursery unit for new born and pre mature babies is now equipped with the latest equipment. The hospital has diagnostic lab, radiology & sonographic facilities. The hospital has two full time female gynecologists, because approximately 50% of the revenues are generated by the maternity cases. In 2015 we were visited by Dr Akmal sent by MIAT. She helped set up our ophthalmic services. Now we have a full time optometrist with a referral pathway for a small percentage of patients who do not have refractive errors. We hope to expand this service to detection of glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. DWS is also facilitating an initiative with MIAT and Deafkidz International to set up a large nationwide audiology service.

Bashir Hospital was established with the sole objective to extend the state of the art health facilities to all those who needed it. It was founded to provide the medical care and therapeutic facilities to deserving as well as affluent classes of the community.

The hospital ethos is to provide its services ‘free’ to the poor (DWS pays from its own funds for all those patients who cannot afford) and is based on a non-profit basis. The OPD fee is presently set at Rs.100, Thus the poor and deserving patients get free medical care, whereas the privileged just paid a modest fee, and the expense of highest level of medical care is met through the generous support of Decent Welfare Society.

A physiotherapy center with modern equipment and certified physiotherapist has been added on the second floor by the end of December, 2003.

In March 2016 the state of the art ‘Jubaida Gatrad Maternity and Children’s Hospital’ will open which will change the face of how health care is delivered in Gujrat and its surrounding areas. This will improve the lives of millions over the coming years.