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Prevention of Deafness

Hearing is critical for development of speech, language, communication skills and learning. This was confirmed by comparison that early detection and intervention of hearing impaired child’s have better speech and language development than children whose hearing impairment was diagnosed later.

Decent Welfare Society has the honor to be the pioneer in starting newborn hearing screening program in Pakistan with the help of Midland International trust and Punjab Welfare Trust for Disabled.

Facilities and Tests available in Audiology Department:


  • Audiology Screening

    • New born screening( BERA Test)

    • Hearing Aids Provision

    • Tympanometry ( Acoustic admittance measurements)

    • Pure tone Audiometry

    • Speech Audiometry

    • Evoked response audiometry  Hearing aid and evaluation

    • Independent,unbiased advice

    • Widest range of instrument

    • Real ear measurement facilities

    • Pre-employment screening

    • Tinnitus therapy

    • Aural Rehabilitation

    • Extensive after care services

    • School screening services